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What's your organization's environmental impact when purchasing new ATMs?  How is this impact reduced when utilizing refurbished ATMs?  This is a global problem, but you can be a part of the solution.

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Calculate and report the reduction in your organization's carbon footprint related to your ATM fleet.

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Introducing - The newest version of Tellerex's ATM Co2 Impact Calculator 


Our ATM Co2 Impact Calculator may be useful in communicating your greenhouse gas reduction strategy, reduction targets, and other metrics supporting your organization's ESG initiatives.

Contact our team using the button below to schedule a demonstration.

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Calculate the environmental impact of refurbishing up to five ATM models in one calculation.

On average, refurbishing one full-service ATM unit has the environmental equivalent of:

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Since launching our Lifecycle Management Process, Tellerex has refurbished over 2,000 ATM units for our industry-leading clients, eliminating them from landfills

Our work has eliminated over


11,500 metric tons of Co2


from the environment and saved our clients millions of dollars.

Image by Jeremy Yap

Equivalent to


of Washinton DC preserved for one year.

11,500 metric tons is the environmental equivalent of conserving


Half a Million Acres


or roughly half the area of Washington DC, for over one year.

Based on our Embodied Energy Analysis, the manufacturing of an average ATM (weighing 1751 lbs.) generates approximately 7.35 tons of CO2e – nearly one-half of that of a new car or seven months' worth of gas and electricity consumed in the average US home.

Likewise, the process of refurbishing ATM unit produces, in most cases, a like-new ATM unit but generates only 1.62 tons of CO2e, an 80% reduction in CO2e.

Read about our methodology and the environmental impact of using refurbished technologies.

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Calculate and report the reduction in your organization's carbon footprint related to your ATM fleet.

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