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James Kilkelly

Tellerex - James Kilkelly

Chief Executive Officer

James Kilkelly, a 20+ year serial entrepreneur, is a World Economic Forum award winner. James's lifelong passion is building connections and innovative industry solutions. Prior to Tellerex, James has pioneered several tech based industries while partnering with many of the world's most successful companies.

Angelique Kilkelly


Environmental & Sustainability 

Angelique Kilkelly, a native of South Africa, moved to Atlanta as a host for CNN International. She brings a deep passion for environmental and sustainability and affirms the organization's commitment to partnering with our clients to ensure their ESG initiatives are met and affects reported.

Norb Latulippe

Tellerex - Norb Latulippe

SVP, Technical Sales

Norb LaTulippe, a Louisiana native, over sees partner relationships, customer experience, and compliance for Tellerex. His 25 year plus experience started in shipping and receiving and has included most aspects within the ATM and Banking Technology industry.  

Brian Lechlitner

Tellerex - Brian Lechlitner

Chief Operating Officer

With over 15 years of experience in the ATM and financial services industry, Brian Lechlitner is responsible for the overall business operations of Tellerex, ensuring the right people, processes, and products are in place to enable further growth fostered by industry-leading quality.

Brian Digiacco

Tellerex - Brian Digiacco

Chief Financial Officer

Brian specializes in conducting financial statement audits and tax planning. His expertise includes special-project consulting,  business planning, projections, and procedural engagements. Brian received his B.S. Degree in Accounting from the Rochester Institute of Technology.  

Chris Cioffredi


Executive Vice President

Chris, a 20+ year industry pillar, is passionate and dedicated to solving business challenges through superior customer service. Before Tellerex, Chris's stewardship led multiple organizations to exponential growth by developing forward-thinking strategies and complementary solutions.


John Van Der Byl


Risk, Compliance, & Training

John serves as Tellerex’s Director of Risk, Compliance, and Training, where he is responsible for the development of strategies for risk management, legal and financial governance, and regulatory compliance. John received his MBA from Stellenbosch University.