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Leverage our extensive inventory to meet all your parts' needs with new or repaired components.

Tellerex's Parts and Parts Repair solutions include:

New & Repaired Components ● Immediate Access to Parts ● Demand Planning ● EMV ● PCI ● ADA-Compliance ● Contactless Card (NFCI) ● Image Deposit

ATM parts lowest costs

Reduce Your Organization's Costs

Repair your ATMs and electronic assets with like-new components at a fraction of the cost. Are you having difficulty finding the right parts? Our team can locate nearly any part and have it ready to ship at a moments' notice.

ATM parts schedule

Decrease Unit Downtime

With our extensive collection of parts and repair services, we can get your units back up and running faster. Faster repairs mean more unit up-time and happier customers.

ATM parts best customer services

Meet Evolving Customer Expectations

Keep your units up to date with like-new parts to ensure your ATM's and other electronic assets meet your customers' shifting expectations. 

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