Listen to the latest CU 2.0 podcast, joined by the Tellerex leadership team, exploring the evolution of the ATM lifecycle and ways in which Tellerex works with financial institutions both large and small.

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You have your eye on new ATMs for your credit union - but you're given pause by the price tags that can quickly jump above $50,000 apiece.  Here's a reality: most credit union ATMs that I see are old, creaky, lacking functions, sometimes with screens so weathered and scratched they are barely readable.


Then there are the ATMs that I see at nearby Chase's. Cardless access. Sleek. Enough to make you drool?


Enter Tellerex and a possible answer to your desires. An ATM lifecycle management company, Tellerex works with financial institutions both large and small.


There's magic in that formula.  A handful of big banks are dueling over who has the best ATM fleet and they are in constant upgrade campaigns. What happens to the 1500 and more ATMs they replace every year - typically after only five to seven years of use?


When Tellerex is the player, what happens is that discarded ATM is given new life - often new software, sometimes even a new processor.  A new top of the line ATM might cost $50,000 to $75,000. A refurbished five-year-old ATM might cost half that.  You like that math?  Of course. And your members will like the upgraded user experience.


Listen in to our podcast that tells you all you need to know about ATMs but didn't know who to ask.


Joining the CU 2.0 team are Tellerex's chairman and co-founder James Kilkelly, CEO Christian Ranke, and chief operations officer Brian Lechlitner.

ATM Darwinism - An introduction to the ATM LifecycleCU 2.0
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