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Responding to the Coronavirus

Updated: Jan 19

With your health and our team’s safety in mind, the Tellerex office staff will begin working remotely effective March 18, 2020. To keep business operating as usual, essential members of our warehouse staff will remain on-site, complying with all public health guidelines related to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

During this time, our team will continue to operate at full capacity and remain available during regular business hours, as well as by phone and email. We also have remote access to everything required to provide the highest level of service possible. Additionally, we’ll hold all meetings virtually. If you have a meeting scheduled with our team, we’ll be in touch soon with information on how to take that meeting online.

Finally, below are guidelines recently released by the National ATM Council to help combat exposure and the spread of the coronavirus through the use or maintenance and repair of ATMs. The guidelines are as outlined below and can be accessed here:

  • Document safety procedures in writing and save any communication sent to protect staff, customers, merchants, and end-users.

  • Always wear disposable gloves and use hand sanitizer for any physical contact with ATM terminals/cash.

  • When loading, maintaining, or repairing an ATM, clean/disinfect all keypads, buttons, and outer surfaces of the cash and receipt dispensers as well as any areas a customer may touch.

  • Use proven antiviral disinfectants such as bleach or CDC regulation disinfectants/wipes that contain at least 70% isopropyl alcohol. When disinfecting/cleaning a terminal, spray a disposable wipe or paper towel with disinfectant first, then wipe the terminal in one steady direction to avoid recontamination.

  • Let the terminal air-dry. Repeat the process a second time with new wipes and again leave the surface wet to air-dry.

  • Never spray disinfectant directly into the ATM terminal or its components. Never reuse wipes/paper towels.

  • Dispose of each item after every use. Post signage to inform others of the cleaning routine and efforts to keep the terminal safe and disinfected. Instruct merchant customers to clean/disinfect ATMs, countertops, and other consumer touchpoints daily such as doorknobs/POS terminals/restrooms/etc.

  • Follow CDC guidelines to wash hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, avoid touching the face and maintain a safe social distance (6 feet or more) from other people.

Your well-being remains our top priority as we do our part to disrupt the spread of the coronavirus and help reduce the pressure on our health system.


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