Managing and maintaining your ATM network is made more complex by increasing regulations, sunsetting operating systems, and ongoing technology advancements.

At Tellerex, we offer the modules required to ensure compliancy with EMV, PCI, ADA, Windows, and Contactless Card (NFC). We can simply supply you with the upgraded modules, or we can upgrade your hardware onsite or offsite.

While Windows 7 preparedness is in our collective recent memories, Windows 10 is on the near horizon. Allow Tellerex to partner with you to ensure your hardware fleet is ready in advance.

Considering a fleet refresh or expansion? Tellerex offers you full unit refurbishments providing you with current, compliant technology at a reduced cost. Trade programs are also offered should you wish to change the manufacturer and/or model within your fleet. Extend the life of your fleet all while reducing cost versus OEM pricing for current technology.


Time and Resources

When you become our partner, we collaborate with you and your team to create an ongoing demand forecast to ensure your business needs are met timely and efficiently. Your time and resources are valuable, allow Tellerex to do the work for you!

Picking and Packing

All inventory is stored within our secure facility and systemically tracked through all lifecycle stages with specific warehouse location identified allowing for efficient picking and packing.

“The right product, the right quantity, at the right time. Tellerex – sourcing simplified”
“Same-day shipping is available in most cases and advance exchange programs are offered to our partners enabling reduced cost to your bottom line”

The right inventory available at the right time

All orders are custom packaged by component ensuring your order arrives safely and securely. Tellerex offers proven performance metrics ensuring you with on-time delivery. We tailor material handling, packaging, and transportation to meet your individual needs.