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Strategic Asset Deployment

ATM Fleet Management

From warehousing, inventory management, and order fulfillment centers, Tellerex's Strategic Asset Deployment processes are at the heart of the supply chain.


For FI's that rely on these logistics businesses, the receiving, storing, and shipping of inventory are crucial components to their growth—especially when asset management can be complicated. 

A customized solution providing a strategic advantage through strategic asset management, secure warehousing, and logistics optimization.

ATM Secure Warehouse Facilities

Tellerex’s Strategic Asset Deployment is a turnkey logistic solution for warehousing, inventory management, and order fulfillment.


We store and ship your ATM and TCR assets, providing seamless integration of supply chain operations by managing warehousing operations and transportation services.


Tellerex becomes the linchpin of your asset management services with:

  • Cost Efficiency - Minimize costs associated with shipping with route and schedule optimization.

  • Rigger Management - Allow Tellerex to manage riggers through our national network of logistic partners.

  • Inventory Management - See the location of all your assets by location and operational status.

  • Risk Management - Leverage our nationwide system of secure warehouse facilities.

  • Reporting & Compliance - Always-on, always-updated, cloud-based reports for all your assets.

  • Staging & Scale - Reduce project-related complexities and ensure successful installations.

ATM Fleet Management Process
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