For many, a monthly subscription service is more accessible than a higher one-time expense.


Tellerex’s on-demand parts subscription services offer premium replacement parts with the convenience of low-cost, flat-rates, and confidence that your parts are always available.


Leverage our extensive inventory to meet all your parts' needs with new or repaired components.

Tellerex's Parts Subscription services include:

Premium Parts ● One Flat Monthly Rate ● Covers All Contracted ATM Parts ● 

Immediate Access to Parts ● Demand Planning ● Lower and Budget-Supporting Expenses

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Accurately Estimate Budget Expenses With A Flat-Rate Charge

Our Parts Subscription model provides you with a consistent, low-cost, monthly expense that includes coverage for all contracted ATM parts. Say goodbye to unplanned and expensive repair bills!


Always-Available Premium Parts, Lowest Rates

Relax knowing your ATM parts are always available and usually ship to you within 2-3 business days.  And based on our extensive network of subscription partners, you can be confident your parts meet your exact units' needs.


Customize Your Subscription For Your Specific Needs

Customize your subscription service to include and cover only the ATM parts no longer under warranty for your units. With our subscription service, there's no unnecessarily expensive or wasted coverage.

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- STEP 1 -

Register your ATMs in Tellerex’s on-demand, flat-rate, low-cost parts subscription services.

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- STEP 2 -

Define the parts no longer covered under your manufacturer's warranty to include in your subscription service.

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- STEP 3 -

When a part is needed, submit a request to the Tellerex Logistics and Reporting Manager, noting all required fields for accurate part-pick.   

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- STEP 4 -

Tellerex acknowledges receipt. The part is pulled, tested, and packaged for shipping.


 We then send the shipping information to the client.

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- STEP 5 -

The client returns the failed part using the return label provided with the replacement part within 30 days.

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How It Works