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Refurbishment & Repair

ATM Refurbishment

Tellerex offers best-in-class ATM refurbishment and repair services, ensuring your machines operate at peak performance. Trust in our decades of industry expertise.

When your customers expect a great experience, ensuring your machines are in optimal condition is paramount. Tellerex's ATM Refurbishment and Repair services are designed to rejuvenate your ATMs, enhancing their lifespan and ensuring consistent performance.

Comprehensive ATM Refurbishment & Repair Solutions

TCR Refurbishment

Tellerex’s TCR refurbishment solutions provide certified, tested, like-new technology at a fraction of the cost.  

Tellerex's ATM full refurbishment service includes:​

  • Full-Unit Verification

  • ATM Disassembly

  • Module Refurbishment and Testing

  • Full-Unit Testing & Sign-Off

  • Full Exterior Cleaning

  • Bolt to Pallet

  • Wrap/Strap/Label

  • Preparation & Painting on Beauty Doors, Upper and Lower Fascia

  • Full Chassis and Vault (Inside and out)​

ATM and TCR Refurbishment Processes
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