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SPOTLight - Asset Tracking

ATM Asset Management Portal
ATM Asset Management Portal Screenshot

Always-On, Always Up-to-Date, Cloud-Based Asset Tracker

Asset tracking starts and ends with one primary goal: knowing the location of your assets at any time.


With Tellerex's SPOTLight client portal, tracking your assets is just the beginning. Instantly access critical information about your ATM, TCR, and kiosk assets.

Always-On Connectivity  |  Audit Compliance  |  Chain of Custody  |  Certificate of Destruction  |  Project Updates  |  Asset Tracking  |  Invoice Management 

Our client portal offers an always-on, always-updated cloud-based solution.

  • Maximize Recovery Value - Gain access to pricing and specialized services via a convenient online service that utilizes real-time market information and predictive analytics.

  • Secure Data & Assets - Have confidence in data sanitization and recycling services, providing process and visibility through an online database, including pictures and relevant documentation.

  • Report Co2 Reductions - Accurately report the reduction of carbon emissions and translate them into simple, meaningful terms to support your ESG initiatives.

  • Track Locations & Status - Track assets through our automated management solution module and utilize a pre-priced grid for shipments across hundreds of locations.

ATM Asset Management Process
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