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Asset Deployment & Installation

ATM Installation

Tellerex provides specialized installation services for ATMs and TCRs to businesses and financial institutions with an all-in-one programmatic deployment and installation solution.

With deep industry expertise and knowledge, our project managers ensure a timely and cost-effective deployment that minimizes disruption to your customers. We ensure the right partners -- with the right skills -- are assigned to your unique hardware, software, and technology deployment.


From conceptualization to closeout, our dedicated team expertly executes your installation with excellence and urgency.

Turnkey Installation Solutions

ATM Tech Staging

Project management

Tellerex provides value through the technical expertise of our project managers, who are responsible for the effective and timely coordination of your deployments with tightly managed service-level agreements.

Site assessment and preparation

Our dedicated professionals provide a project management plan and technical drawings as required to assess the readiness for deployment.

Equipment staging

Tellerex performs the staging of ATM and TCR assets. Our staging professionals receive and manage inventory, assemble, load, configure, and test your equipment -- reducing the overall installation time.

De-installation and disposal

De-installation and disposal services include but are not limited to the removal, refurbishment, and regulated disposal of existing equipment.

Uniquely designed services

We offer a variety of pre-defined services, such as upgrades and part-installations, that are quick and easy to deploy, solving a very unique business requirement.

ATM Install Staging
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