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Asset Remarketing

ATM Remarketing

Looking to optimize the value of your outdated or surplus assets? Embrace the power of Asset Remarketing

Asset Remarketing with Tellerex is a strategic approach that not only ensures responsible disposal but also recoups value from your ATM and TCR investments.


In a world driven by rapid advancement, staying ahead requires efficient management of your asset resources, even when they’ve reached the end of their primary lifecycle.

Asset Remarketing recovers additional value from unused or outdated assets through resale, helping organizations recoup a portion of their original investment while also contributing to reducing electronic waste, conserving resources, and promoting environmentally friendly practices.

ATM Increased ROI

  • Maximize Returns: Remarketing extends the lifespan of your assets, enabling you to extract additional value before their eventual disposal.
  • Environmental Responsibility: By refurbishing and reusing equipment, you contribute to minimizing electronic waste and its impact on the environment. Items that can't be remarketed go through our certified recyclers services.

  • Data Security: Tellerex ensures all sensitive data is securely erased, mitigating the risk of data breaches during the equipment’s resale or recycling.

  • Cost-Efficiency: Remarketing offers a cost-effective alternative to purchasing new assets, especially for businesses with budget constraints.

Why Choose Tellerex for Your Asset Remarketing?

ATM Remarketing Services
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