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Recycling & Repurposing

Bank ESG Impact

Protecting Our Important Assets - Your Brand & the Environment

In today's environmentally-conscious era, responsible disposal and recycling of ATMs is more crucial than ever. Tellerex's ATM Recycling solutions are designed with sustainability at their core, ensuring that outdated or non-functional ATMs are processed in an eco-friendly manner, reducing waste and promoting a greener future.

Tellerex's ATM Recycling solutions prioritize eco-friendly practices, ensuring responsible ATM lifecycle management that aligns with global sustainability goals.

Repurposed ATM Parts and Material
ESG Co2 Impact

Tellerex champions sustainability by reducing CO2 emissions through ATM refurbishment. Discover how our eco-friendly practices contribute to a greener planet while optimizing ATM lifecycle management.

Learn more about our Environmental Impact Reporting here.

Reduce Your Enviromental Impact through ATM Refurbishment

The Tellerex Repurposing Process

Tellerex's repurposing solution not only prioritizes the environment but also offers a cost-effective approach to ATM lifecycle management. By repurposing components and responsibly disposing of non-reusable parts, we ensure every ATM has a reduced environmental impact, aligning with global sustainability goals.

Today, Tellerex converts raw materials into ATM-supporting assets and continues to explore additional client needs.

Repurposed ATM Parts and Material as Office Equipment
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