The benefits of using refurbished ATM |


Tellerex refurbishment solutions provide your customers with like-new technology at a fraction of the cost.  Our team submits an estimate for all refurbishment work for your review and approval prior to the process beginning.

Our solutions include:

Full ATM Refurbishment  ●  Certified OEM Parts  ●  Deployment

Cost Savings

Tellerex's refurbishment solutions provide significant savings (usually 80%) over the costs of new ATM units or other suppliers' ATM refurbishment solutions.

Minimize Downtime

Our proactive and efficient refurbishment solutions minimize your ATM unit's downtime and any potential negative impact on your customers.

Individualized Unit Assessments

Our teams provide assessments and recommendations on an individual ATM-unit level basis - no more one-process that dictates the workflow for all units.  Our workflow recommends only work necessary for each ATM unit.

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