Tellerex asset refurbishment solutions provide customers with certified, tested like-new technology at a fraction of the cost.  Our team determines the desired custom design, componentry, and even paint color to furnish an estimate and rendering for approval.

Tellerex's Refurbishment solutions include:

Full ATM Refurbishment ● Certified OEM Parts ● Forward and Reverse Logistics


Reduce Your Organization's Costs

Tellerex's refurbishment solutions provide significant savings (usually 80%) over the costs of new ATM units or other suppliers' ATM refurbishment solutions.


Maximize ROI

With refurbished units, institutions can realize significant savings on this substantial up-front expenditure. By reducing the cost of an ATM, banks and credit unions stand to gain massive savings across their fleet.


Decrease Unit Downtime

Our proactive and efficient refurbishment solutions minimize your ATM unit's downtime and any potential negative impact on your customers.

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