"Decreasing Costs and Increasing ROI From Your ATM Fleet"

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Many financial institutions currently face the challenge of maintaining or enhancing their existing ATM services while reducing expenses.

While there’s little doubt that maintaining your ATM fleet at this time is critical, spending will inevitably be met with questions: How much does this location justify? Is spending here necessary to increase, or even preserve, our traffic? And likely the most important of all:


What will be the ROI of our investment?

Ways to Lower Costs & Maximize Your ATM Fleet's ROI

Today, the costs of buying an ATM and service fees don’t represent the complete picture of the unit’s ROI.  As ATM capabilities evolve, financial institutions are re-evaluating the ‘gains' recognized from their ATM fleet.

Manage Upfront Costs

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Stretch Assets Further

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Optimize Ancillary Departments

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Increase Return From Older Units

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White Paper

As the capabilities of ATM's have evolved and expanded, financial institutions continue to evaluate the ‘gains' recognized through their ATM’s.

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Prioritizing Investments

Financial institutions may know an ATM upgrade is necessary, but may not know how to prioritize to achieve the highest ROI for their investment. 

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Increasing Your ROI

In addition to the quantifiable dollar-based metrics, financial institutions are digging deep to uncover the organizational ‘wins’ their ATMs contribute.

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Practice Steps to Increase Your ATM ROI.
Logistics Interview.png
Most logistics providers perform some form of value-added service. These services can be as simple as product labeling or as complex as full product customization.
Outsourcing specific tasks to these logistics providers are convenient, but you should always evaluate whether the convenience is worth the costs. 
Read our seven key take-aways to optimize your company's ATM-related logistics.
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