Leverage our extensive inventory to meet all your parts' needs with new or repaired components.

Tellerex's Parts and Parts Repair solutions include:

New & Repaired Components ● Immediate Access to Parts ● Demand Planning ● EMV ● PCI ● ADA-Compliance ● Contactless Card (NFCI) ● Image Deposit


Reduce Your Organization's Costs

Repair your ATMs and electronic assets with like-new components at a fraction of the cost. Are you having difficulty finding the right parts? Our team can locate nearly any part and have it ready to ship at a moments' notice.


Decrease Unit Downtime

With our extensive collection of parts and repair services, we can get your units back up and running faster. Faster repairs mean more unit up-time and happier customers.


Meet Evolving Customer Expectations

Keep your units up to date with like-new parts to ensure your ATM's and other electronic assets meet your customers' shifting expectations. 

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