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Be Prepared: Four Steps to Windows 10 ATM Deadline

Updated: Jan 19

December 15, 2021

The Windows 10 deadline for ATMs is fast approaching. In fact, it’s so close that you’ve probably already put plans in motion to stay on top of things. But if you haven’t, then here’s what you’ll need to know.

If you want to know what you’ll need to look at (and by when), we can point you in the right direction. However, most of the real, hard numbers and facts are going to be unique to your financial institution. We can help you figure out how to do those, you’ll have to contact us directly.

So, without further ado, here are the four steps you’ll need to take to reach the January 14 deadline for Windows 10 upgrades in 2020:

1. Assess your current ATM fleet

The issue isn’t that anyone’s making you stay on Windows 7 (if you are indeed using Windows 7). The issue is that Windows 7 will no longer be supported. You can get away with using Windows 7 past January 2020, but it will cost you.

And frankly, it probably won’t be cost-effective. You’ll have to pay very high fees to keep your current service package once Microsoft stops supporting Windows 7. And, even if you do pay those fees, you’ll likely have to upgrade your ATMs at some point.

So, do you want to pay for specialized support fees and ATM upgrades, or do you want to pay for just the ATM upgrades?

If you’re lucky, you may not need to make any changes. Especially if your ATMs are newer, you may be able to easily update to Windows 10 by the deadline.

If you’re unlucky, then some of your machines won’t be able to handle Windows 10. You may need processor/motherboard updates. It might even make sense to replace the ATMs altogether.

You’ll need to begin the assessment ASAP. With any luck, you already know where you stand.

2. Roadmap and timeline

The true start of any good project is developing the plan. And yes, you’ll definitely need to plan. A few things you’ll definitely want to consider:

  • What will you need to upgrade?

  • Who is in charge of the process?

  • When will each step of the upgrade process take place?

  • What other resources do you have? (Vendors, partners, other third parties.)

  • Can you perform other concurrent maintenance? (See step 4.)

Establishing a road map will be essential to the timely completion of your project. And considering the Windows 10 deadline for ATMs is fast approaching, that road map is more important than ever.

3. Contact suppliers and manufacturers

The unfortunate truth is that most financial institutions are woefully behind on their upgrade path. Many suppliers and manufacturers are already feeling the pressure of matching supply with demand.

When you contact your partners, you’ll need to determine ATM hardware and software availability. You’ll also need to work out upgrade timelines with them. Although that part sounds like it should be done during the roadmap stage, that’s not exactly the case. In fact, it’s often better to come prepared—know what you need and where you need it—or else you may not have a very productive conversation.

4. Kill two birds with one stone

So long as you’re making changes to your ATMs, you might as well get your money’s worth. Consider additional services and upgrades. You might replace outmoded equipment, upgrade to accommodate new features, clean or replace parts, or otherwise optimize your fleet.

The Windows 10 deadline for ATMs is, in many ways, an opportunity to revitalize your customer-facing equipment. Show your cardholders that you value their security and their experience by going the extra mile when updating your machinery.


Additional Resources

Unfortunately, the deadline is very close. In all likelihood, you’ve already figured out some of these steps for yourself. However, if you’re kicking the can down the road by hanging onto Windows 7 for a bit longer, these steps should help.

No matter where you are on your Windows 10 update, you have resources available. Tellerex can assess the condition of your ATMs, recommend and install appropriate upgrades, and manage the implementation process of Windows 10 to your ATM fleet. If you’d like to learn more about what Tellerex can do, contact us!


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