Speed to market, ROI, and resource alignment are mission-critical elements for our clients.  Use our Team of certified technicians to perform successful Staging & Tech Services within our state-of-the-art facilities to expedite your ATMs to the field where they make money.

Tellerex's Staging & Tech Services solutions include:

Tellerex Certified Technicians ● Purchasing ● Testing and Certification ● Kitting & Packaging ● Shipping & Tracking


Speed to Market

By taking advantage of Tellerex's Staging and Tech Service solutions, you can reduce project-related complexities and be confident in ensuring successful installations - on-time, every time.


Reduced Costs

Purchasing products in bulk allows us to buy at lower costs, creating savings we pass directly to you.


Single Point of Contact for Go-To Market Strategies

Tellerex way-of-work guarantees you with a single point-of-contact for all your organization's ATM management needs

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