Introducing Tellerex’s NEW Monthly Deep-Dives!

As the new year rolls in, Tellerex is excited to announce the launch of a new series called Tellerex Monthly Deep-Dives.


Written monthly by members of our executive team, each month, we’ll explore a trend in the banking technology space - describing real-world situations, provide applications within the current marketplace, and highlight what’s possible through emerging technology.


We’ll break these topics through a series of weekly e-mails, whitepapers, blogs, and social media posts.

With new perspectives and exhaustive reviews of traditional techniques, you can expect an analysis designed to guide and inform decision-makers interested in, planning for, or investing in banking technology. 

Check out our month deep-dives below:

Considering the number of transactions that take place at ATMs, it’s critical the industry maximize the ATM customer experience and make it consistent with the overall bank-brand identity.

February 2020

Creating Greater ROI with ATM's


Check back in February!

March 2020

Driving Brand Equity and Consumer Choice

Check back in March!

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