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Tackling E-Waste: Align Your ATM and FI Asset Disposition with Sustainability

In our rapidly digitizing world, electronic waste has become an alarming concern. As e-waste skyrockets, so does the need for businesses to integrate sustainability into their operations.

For FI's, aligning ATM management processes with sustainability isn’t just a nod to the environment—it’s a strategic move with tangible benefits.

Let’s break this down.

1. Commit to Conscious Procurement

  • Understanding Your Purchases: Delve into your procurement processes. Knowledge of your purchases can be the first step towards a greener approach.

  • The EPEAT Advantage: EPEAT, a recognized global eco-label, acts as your compass in the realm of sustainable products.

2. Prioritize Reuse and ATM Refurbishment to Boost Efficiency and Savings

  • The Resource Drain: Remember, every new ATM consumes significant resources.

  • Maximize Lifespan: Most ATMs have a potential decade-long lifespan. Harness this potential by advocating for refurbished units.

  • Economic Benefits: A mere year's delay in technology refresh can lead to substantial savings.

3. Engage with Trusted Recycling Partners

  • The Recycling Dilemma: Despite e-waste's potential goldmine of recoverable materials, its recycling rates are bleak.

  • The Importance of Certification: Align with recyclers like e-Steward and R2. Their certifications stand as a testament to their commitment to eco-friendly and secure recycling.

4. Embrace Transparent ATM Sustainability Reporting

  • The Power of Data: Reporting isn't just about compliance; it's about understanding and enhancing your footprint.

  • Harnessing ITAD: A leading ITAD partner can be the lynchpin in aligning your sustainability data with organizational goals.

Want to lead the charge in sustainability and need a reliable partner?

Discover how Tellerex is making strides in the world of sustainability for FI's. Dive deeper into our initiatives, and let’s shape a greener future together.


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