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How Can ATMs Provide a Better Customer Experience?

Today’s consumers expect simplicity and ease in every interaction. The more effort a task takes, the less likely a person is to enjoy it. So, any transaction provided by your financial institution must privilege convenience.

How did we get here?

Amazon. Netflix. Meal delivery services. Essentially, the rapid evolution of technology fuels this trend: people want 24/7 access, they want their preferences saved, and they want the same intuitive interface across devices. Every time. People want to feel fancy.

When it comes to ATMs, the key to customer experience comes in the form of convenience and polish.

Convenience and Polish with ATMs

In the world of finance and technology, there’s no such thing as “future proof.” However, there are ways to better weather the ravages of time, technologically. To set yourself up for another decade of smooth service, you’ll need ATMs that can meet current and future customer expectations.

And, because ATMs represent a link between the physical and digital worlds, it presents several key customer experience touchpoints.

Here are a few ways that ATMs can improve customer experience:

1. Design considerations

One of the ways that ATMs deliver customer experience is through design attributes and principles. Contemporary styling suggests ease of use, modernity, and durability. Plus, the general feeling is that of refinement and sophistication.

Good design makes the user feel that their money is where it should be—in the hands of an institution that understands the value and refinement they offer.

2. User experience

Consumers now expect seamless, intuitive interactions. That means interfaces and user experience must be geared toward an optimized “lead through” in any digital interface. If it flows naturally—or mirrors the user experience of your other digital banking interfaces—you’re doing very well.

3. Environmentally conscious

In several states and municipalities, old standbys like single-use straws and plastic bags are banned. This represents a greater consumer movement toward ecologically-responsible choices.

Durable, recyclable, and reusable materials suggest foresight and responsibility—cornerstones of financial success.

4. Accessibility and convenience

Accessibility and convenience mean several things when it comes to ATM customer experience. For one, it means that they’re always available in multiple locations around the clock.

However, it also means that the ATMs themselves are easy to use for any account holder. Keypads should be at a comfortable height for all users, the interface should be illuminated, the ATM and surrounding area should be clean and well-lit, and so on.

Your users should always feel that using your ATMs is easy, safe, and comfortable.

5. Exceeds expectations

The feeling that people get while using an ATM will transfer to the institution that provides them. Your ATMs should be simple and attractive, featuring ease of use above all. Features like privacy glass, seamless interfaces, and personal touches differentiate your machines from the competition.

To boot, ATMs should be well branded, thereby standing out from a mass of outdated and private “gray boxes” in the marketplace.

How to Improve Your ATM Experience

Since customer experience and design are important considerations for financial institutions now, ATMs much be part of that conversation. There are a couple of ways to ensure your ATMs provide excellent service:

First, consider smart ATMs that offer unique opportunities to enhance ATM engagement. For example, personalized experiences for each customer, or open yourself to new dialogues through your machines. Each transaction is an opportunity to have a personal conversation with customers.

Second, give your ATMs some personality or another way to differentiate themselves based on location, time of day, or experience with customers. If tellers know names and preferences, should ATMs?

Making ATMs smarter is one way to improve the ATM customer experience. But it’s only a part of making them more convenient and better designed as a whole.

Final Thoughts

Financial institutions must consider all customer experience touchpoints as they maintain and grow. ATMs are a key but oft-overlooked part of the equation.

Providing modernized, accessible, and secure ATMs is a critical step toward providing a memorable out-of-branch experience.

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