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CASH RECYCLERS - Making A Positive Impact on the Environment & the Bottom Line

Cash recyclers offer many tangible benefits, including increased productivity, additional controls, reduced vault trips, and more accurate balances. Whether behind the teller line or in a recycling ATM, ultimately, these systems make it easier for financial institutions to:

  • Reduce inefficiencies – The start and end-of-day cash-handling procedures represent the valuable time the FI staff could be spending assisting customers, making sales, or allocating elsewhere.

  • Reduce idle cash - Utilizing cash recyclers means FIs can better judge how much cash should be sold or ordered, can substantially reduce the frequency of CIT pickups, and associated fees.

  • Deploy multiple denominations - By deploying recycling ATMs, FI’s can utilize the high number of $20 bills that are most often deposited, while allocating other cassettes for smaller or larger denominations.

While these are easy to quantify, cash recyclers also provide intangible perks reinforcing a financial institution’s commitment to environmental sustainability.


For today’s customers, a commitment to environmental sustainability is increasingly important, and many FI's have publicly committed to being carbon neutral soon. To do so, FI's understand this commitment will require a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, as well as energy usage. 

  • Reduce CIT pickups - With a cash recycler system in place, FI’s can reuse the cash collected by the machine throughout the day, reducing the frequency of cash-in-transit pickups needed.

  • Eliminate Co2 - Reducing CIT trips from weekly to monthly (assuming an average of 15 miles driven per trip) equates to removing nearly two metric tons of CO2 annually^^. This is the equivalent of:


Tellerex’s Lifecycle Management Solutions enable customers to manage their cash recycler and ATM units in a secure, compliant, and environmentally responsible manner. And this goes beyond just recycling - we take pride in our ability to maximize our customers’ cash recyclers by putting equipment with value back into the world as a working asset for other customers.

Our experts work with you to manage and support your recycler, recycling ATM, or other equipment throughout its lifecycle Our goal is to minimize the effort required to refresh your cash recyclers through:

  • Servicing and Repair – By routinely servicing and repairing your cash recyclers, Tellerex parts supply chain support can extend the life of your units, allowing you to keep them in the field longer and maximize their financial opportunity.

  • Refurbish Cash Recycler Units - Many financial institutions leverage preowned equipment to extend the life of their legacy systems while lowering expenses, reducing e-waste, and maximizing ROI.

  • Re-marketing - Tellerex enables customers to unlock the ‘hidden’ value of their legacy recyclers by re-marketing these units, which can then be re-invested in new technology.

  • Responsible Recycling – Recyclers can be easily separated into parts and materials, enabling their use in new products and displacing the need for new raw materials.

Leveraging Tellerex's Lifecycle Management Solutions and utilizing just ONE refurbished cash recycler unit creates the environmental equivalency of:


Cash recycling improves staff productivity and operational efficiency. It reduces labor and other cash handling concerns while tightening cash controls and maximizing cash inventory.


When FI’s combine the power of cash recycling technologies and environmental sustainability practices, they can experience unprecedented flexibility to grow and adapt their services to meet evolving customer demands.


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