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Defining Your Data Destruction Processes – Is it Worth It?

A critical part of securing your customer data and intellectual property is the timely elimination of records and data you no longer need. Here's the scoop on everything your organization should consider.

For those responsible for erasure, degaussing, or shredding services, understanding ATM data destruction processes is imperative for manufacturers, service providers, VARS, and financial institutions.


"It is crucial for any company requesting data destruction as part of their life cycle asset management to prioritize value over price.”

Brian Lechlitner

Chief Operating Officer, Tellerex


While third-party partners may have deep insight into your business and processes, only those within your organization can address the crucial questions surrounding your data destruction processes. These questions may include;

  • Are we comfortable with data-handling personnel on-premises who may not be vetted, bonded, or completed background checks?

  • What is our willingness to accept potential public relations risks and brand damage if there is a data breach?

  • What are the current and emerging standards of security we must abide by within our industry?

  • Who will stand with us if there's a problem?

  • Is there end-to-end accountability in our data destruction process?

  • Do we need an auditable certification of destruction for our records?

  • Are there benefits to a single third-party partner leveraging consistent processes, regardless of where the destruction process occurs?

  • What's more important; cost or secure protection?

  • Do we know what we're doing?

The First Step

If evaluating and quantifying risk is the most important topic - and it should be - when reviewing your data destruction processes, your next, most crucial step should be to calculate the potential cost of a data breach.

If either of these points is on the line, protecting data is a nominal cost, and having a data destruction industry expert in your corner is crucial.

Tellerex provides the highest standard available for data destruction in the banking industry. Our full-time, in-house experts undergo rigorous technical training, and our processes are subjected to thorough and unannounced third-party audits to ensure compliance, ensuring we follow every aspect of our certified process, which includes:

  1. Defined processes and accountability

  2. Chain of custody plans

  3. Certification of destruction

  4. Secure handling of equipment and data by drug-tested, bonded, uniformed employees

Why Should You Care?

Working with a specialized data destruction partner provides a robust standard for security, processes, employment, and a chain of custody process developed and refined by thousands of projects.

With data destruction partners fulfilling these standards, you can remain confident that hard drives are destroyed, and data won't resurface months later, compromising your customers' security and trust in you.

Our commitment to this process ensures our client partners have the benefit of:

  1. Maintaining compliance with all data protection regulations (by location, by industry, by company policy)

  2. Satisfying the due diligence and data protection requirements necessary during the vendor selection process

  3. Meeting EU General Data Protection Regulation requirements

  4. Maintaining protection and coverage for insurance and liability purposes

  5. Expertise specific to your industry - this isn't a side job for our team members

It means you'll have a partner who cares more about securing your data than you.

It means everything.

Let's face it...

Anyone in this business with a hammer may assert they can destroy a hard drive. And a quick online search highlights plenty of overnight pop-up companies who claim they're in the data destruction business.

However, by asking the right questions, you'll quickly learn that very few have the end-to-end processes and expertise to ensure data destruction and mitigate the associated risks.

If you want a partner who can withstand the highest scrutiny of documents, processes, employees, and customers' demands, your data destruction must be performed by Tellerex.

Reach out and connect with us today about industry standards or your data destruction challenges.


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