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Don't Just “Trust Me” – Taking a Zero-Risk Approach to Your Data Security

Ensuring data safety and destruction goes beyond a 'Trust Me' approach; it relies on well-defined processes, systems, and human-centered approaches. Learn why it's crucial for clients to have NAID AAA Certified partners managing their asset recycling processes.

Data security breaches can occur even with the best intentions, and the pandemic has only amplified the challenge of securely managing and recycling electronic devices. Many companies were forced to adapt quickly, sending employees to work from home without proper security controls in place. This led to concerns about the security of sensitive data handled outside of secure corporate environments.

To tackle this issue, experts suggest implementing robust Device Management systems for better control over remote devices and security updates. However, this alone is not enough to ensure data security. It is essential to build cross-organizational systems between employers, employees, ITAD partners, and the public through well-defined processes and NAID AAA Certified partners.

Focusing on People and Processes

Certifications are important, but data security can still fail without the right people and processes. Employees handling data erasure and destruction should undergo initial and refresher NAID training and pass a criminal background check. To mitigate human error, data sanitization records should be linked to data-bearing assets before invoicing, ensuring no data leaves the facilities.

If a drive fails to wipe properly, it should be flagged, removed, and shredded before job completion. Companies like Tellerex take these precautions to earn their clients' trust and protect those responsible for data destruction.

Adapting to clients' changing needs and maintaining constant engagement with customers at multiple organizational levels is also vital.

Emphasizing Transparency and Reporting

Building trust in data security relies on service delivery, reporting, consistency, and transparency. Basic tracking spreadsheets are no longer sufficient; companies need to invest in more rigorous tracking and reporting systems. A comprehensive tracking and reporting platform can enable continuous tracking of data-bearing assets.

True trust demands transparency in all aspects, from leadership and financial conditions to employee training. While some may rely on certifications alone, companies that adopt human-centered approaches with process-driven systems and strong checks and balances will be better equipped to avoid breaches and foster trust in today's challenging times. Choosing NAID AAA Certified partners, such as Tellerex, to manage asset recycling processes can help ensure data security and build lasting trust.


For more information on Tellerex's NAID AAA Certification and how it can benefit your financial institution or ATM service provider, please visit our website or contact us directly.


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