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Ensuring Organizational Success With A Project Management Partner

While it may seem like a cost-effective solution in the beginning, managing your organization's important projects and changes yourself can turn into a full-time job.

Kicking-off internal project team meetings, you quickly move to architect and contractor meetings. Vendor meetings follow these. Before you know it, you're spending most of your time in conference rooms, responding to emails, and scheduling meetings on top of more meetings to make sure everything is getting done.

When you try to be your own project manager (PM), you can fall short in both your existing job duties and the new project management tasks.

Why Hire A Project Management Partner?

When faced with a large-scale project, many executives ponder whether the benefits of hiring a PM justify the expense. If you hire the right one, you'll find the answer is a resounding yes.


Why? Because a dedicated PM has the time, focus, and expertise you don't. Whether that means a moderate or full-tilt installation, asset disposition, branch relocation, or branch renovation, a PM is here to help.

Key Benefits of A Project Management Partner

Besides peace of mind, a Project Manager delivers holistic management solutions that inspire success. An experienced Project Management team goes beyond 'on-time, on-budget' targets. Your PM team should dig deep to help you realize and achieve your goals and aspirations by:

  • Managing the complete process - When managing changes across multiple locations with many stakeholders, there's a risk of missing deadlines, budgets, or critical steps. Project Management partners provide experienced project managers who know how to mitigate these risks.

  • Implementing turnkey solutions – A solid PM will deliver full turnkey solutions regardless of project size, geography, or scope. Select an industry leader in providing project management, facility maintenance, and construction solutions focused on delivering best-in-class services.

  • Providing a complete picture - Which services are required for your project? Is there a detailed inventory list? How much should you receive for remarketed assets? Without external support, it can be difficult for an organization to find these answers, leading to flawed assumptions or project planning.

  • Securely managing sensitive data - Data breaches have severe repercussions for organizations. With highly sensitive data, data sanitization is often mandatory. Make sure your PM partner provides Certificates of Destruction and securely erase decommissioned assets following the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) guidelines.

  • Transporting, Tracking, and Storing Assets - Whether an asset is being remarketed, redeployed, or recycled, it requires secure transportation. Your PM Partner should de-install, securely package, and seal assets before shipping them to a secure facility.

  • Offering complete transparency - Nobody likes surprises during a project, especially those that significantly affect cost. A PM partner should never hide details or slip changes by you. Transparency, full disclosure, and 100% honesty is critical to the success of any project. 

  • Ensuring visibility - A secure cloud-based project management portal should be available, offering complete visibility through a project dashboard, documentation, and photo-management, as well as customized reporting features. These tools, all updated in real-time, are designed for complete transparency and efficient data sharing.

Research reinforces both the tangible and intangible value project management delivers to an organization, including risk reduction, cost-saving, and, of course, more successful projects and programs. Additionally, research shows that when proven project, program, and portfolio management practices are implemented, organizations meet their goals and business intent far more often.


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