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Five Steps To Identifying The Best ATM Recycling & Asset Disposition Partner

When it comes to recycling or destroying ATM units at the end of their lifecycle, there are several steps banks and credit unions should take in order to mitigate risk.

These steps include:

Research and select a reputable partner with experience in properly and safely recycling ATM units. This partner should have experience in disassembling and dismantling the units, as well as disposing of their components in a manner that is safe for the environment and compliant with local regulations.

Ensure that the partner is able to provide a full range of services related to ATM recycling, including transportation and logistics services, as well as data destruction services to erase any sensitive customer data from the units before they are recycled.

Carefully review and understand the contract with the partner to ensure that it clearly outlines the services that will be provided, the costs involved, and any liabilities or risks associated with the recycling process.

Develop and implement a comprehensive plan for the recycling or destruction of ATM units, including steps for transporting the units to the recycling facility, securely erasing any sensitive data, and properly disposing of the units and their components.

Monitor and audit the recycling process to ensure that it is being carried out properly and in accordance with the contract and plan. This may include regular site visits to the recycling facility, as well as regular reporting and review of the process.

By following these steps, banks and credit unions can effectively mitigate the risks associated with recycling or destroying their ATM units.

If you're looking for a partner to manage the risks associated with ATM lifecycle management, we encourage you to reach out to Tellerex. Our team is dedicated to helping clients mitigate risks, and we offer a range of solutions and services to support your ATM lifecycle management needs.

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