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Tellerex Announces Latest Client Software Application, SPOTLight.

Atlanta, GA, February 11, 2020

Tellerex is pleased to announce the release of its latest software application, SPOTLight. SPOTLight, which stands for Storage, Protection, and Optimization Tracker, is a first-in-development client portal that assists global banks and retailers with the lifecycle management of their ATM and kiosk assets.

SPOTLights allows you to monitor the location and status of your ATMs during refurbishment, storing, refurbishment, or recycling services.

"Having the ability to solve our client's workflow needs at scale, and include complete API visibility and access to all their key partners, solves a variety of demands within today's marketplace," said James Kilkelly, CEO. "We're proud to have developed a complete asset management eco-system that addresses both our clients’ and the industry’s evolving and complex needs." Through SPOTLight, Tellerex clients can: Track critical assets and components through our automated Transportation Management Solution (TMS) module, including a pre-priced grid for TL and LTL shipments across hundreds of locations. View owned, partnered, or third-party logistics facilities through the Control Tower solution module. Clients also gain access to pricing and specialized services via a convenient online service that utilizes real-time market information and predictive analytics. Have confidence in their data sanitization and recycling services, providing process and visibility through an online database that includes pictures and relevant documentation, per serial number, for an entire class of critical infrastructure Accurately report the impact of sustainability and ESG initiatives, including all carbon measurements and the insights necessary to maximize the impact of their recycling and circular economy targets. Track and report with transparency on the lifecycle extension and resale processes of all assets with real-time dashboards and progress tracking reports.


"With the rising costs associated with large ATM, KIOSK, and cash recycling networks, visibility and accurate tracking are critical to managing your assets efficiently. SPOTLight sets the bar in achieving client value through our new solution modules. This is just the beginning as SPOTLight will continue to evolve to address our industry's ever-changing needs."

- Brian Lechlitner, Chief Operating Officer.


To learn more about SPOTLight, view our product page; Or, reach out to arrange a conversation or schedule a demo.


About Tellerex: As the nation's leading provider of Lifecycle Management Solutions, Tellerex is committed to delivering a best-in-class partnership to support your company's asset lifecycle needs. Tellerex prioritizes its knowledge, experience, and insights to provide like-new ATMs, quality OEM-certified parts, logistics, and inventory management to reduce expenses, increase fleet reliability, and accelerate your ATM fleet's contribution to the bottom line. Please direct media inquiries to


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