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Tellerex Appoints Angelique Kilkelly To Lead Environmental & Sustainability Efforts

January 21, 2021


Tellerex is proud to announce Angelique Kilkelly has joined the company to lead its environmental, sustainability, and inclusion initiatives.


Before joining Tellerex, Angelique, a native of South Africa, moved to Atlanta as a host for CNN International. She brings a deep passion for environmental and sustainability and affirms the organization's commitment to increasing diversity and inclusion.

"I'm so excited to join Tellerex in this new role," said Angelique. "This role taps into lifelong passions, and I truly feel we have a unique opportunity to move both our company and this industry forward in a very new and exciting way!"

In talking about the challenges, Angelique added, "While this industry has been rather traditional, there's no question our clients are becoming increasingly more invested in understanding and meeting their customer expectations on these critical topics."


James Kilkelly, CEO of Tellerex, said, "Angelique's experience and passion bring a level of energy and excitement that, honestly, you need when you're challenging the way an entire industry thinks about how they do business and rethinking priorities. We're delighted to have Angelique as a member of our leadership team, and I can't wait to see clients' awareness of these topics increase in the coming months based on her efforts."


About Tellerex - Backed by highly successful entrepreneurs with 60+ years of industry experience, Tellerex simplifies the management process of ATM and electronic assets through real-time resource tracking and management to reduce capital expenses, meet asset compliance requirements, and mitigate customer data risks.


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