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Tellerex Launches Subscription Service for ATM Parts

Tellerex is proud to announce the launch of a new on-demand, flat-rate subscription service for ATM parts.

This industry-leading subscription service offers Tellerex clients immediate access to Tellerex’s vast inventory of ATM parts through a low-cost, flat-rate, monthly subscription fee.

James Kilkelly, Tellerex's Chief Executive Officer, explains, “One of the most common issues our clients share is the impossible task of predicting monthly budget expenses for ATM parts primarily based on two factors. The first issue is you can’t predicate when a component fails. The second factor is the fluctuating price of parts based on demand and broader market conditions. Month to month, our clients explain, their budgets can be off by hundreds of thousands of dollars. Being that far off-target, budget-wise, has serious implications regarding cash flow and their ability to pivot to meet shifting industry demands.”

Tellerex’s new on-demand subscription service eases these issues, providing next-day access to ATM parts through a low-cost budget-protecting monthly fee.

“Another unique detail of our subscription service is its customization to our clients’ organizational needs. Upon enrolling, clients include only the ATMs and parts no longer covered by a manufacturer’s warranty”, said Kilkelly. “Our pilot program participants tell us this customization allowed them to optimize their budgets and forecast future expenses as they’ve never been able to do before–and all of this includes a peace of mind that they’ll have their necessary parts within 24 hours. It’s a win-win for our clients.”

To learn more about Tellerex’s new on-demand, flat-rate subscription service, visit or call 1-888-395-0170.


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