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The Trickiest Things to Fix for Each ATM Manufacturer: Diebold, NCR, and Nautilus Hyosung

ATMs are complicated machines. They’re full of moving parts, electronics, and cold, hard cash. That last part is particularly important because people are particular about their money. If you short-change someone a $20 bill at the ATM, they’re going to freak out.

That’s where ATM repair comes in. ATM maintenance and repair are critical to your success. But it’s not always easy…


Difficult ATM Repairs

Not all repairs are created equal. Some are a walk in the park. Other ATM repairs are a nightmare, requiring countless man-hours, high levels of expertise, or both.

It certainly doesn’t help that there are many different brands of ATMs. It’s not like repairing the doohickey in a Diebold machine is the same as fixing the doohickey in a Nautilus Hyosung machine. That goes for thingamabobs, gizmos, and gadgets as well.

Smaller, easier repairs are no big deal. But the difficult repairs? Those can make financial institutions question whether they even want to go through the trouble—it might be easier to replace the whole thing.

The Trickiest Diebold ATM Repairs

In the last few years, Diebold has lost a good portion of their market share. That can increase the difficulty of all repairs because maintenance technicians have less familiarity with them now.

However, the hardest repair on Diebold ATMs is often the Diebold cash recycler.

A cash recycler is a machine or module that accepts and dispenses cash. It accepts cash deposits, verifies the bills, keeps an accurate count, and then dispenses the cash for withdrawals from the same supply. That means there are a lot of interdependent moving parts throughout the process.

The Most Difficult NCR ATM Repairs

NCR machines are a bit more common than their Diebold counterparts these days. Accordingly, it’s a little easier to find repair services for them. That doesn’t mean it’s all easy, though.

NCR ATMs also have a proprietary cash recycler. At Tellerex, we’ve heard some service companies don’t even want to touch NCR cash recycling units. They’d rather pull out the old machines and put in new units.

While we’re not sure how much truth there is to this rumor, it certainly may have happened a couple of times. That said, we’re not convinced that replacing a unit (instead of repairing it) is such a widespread phenomenon that you should consider giving up the moment something goes wrong.

NCR also has a teller assist terminal that can be tricky. What’s a teller assist terminal, you ask? Read on!

The Most Difficult Nautilus Hyosung ATM Repairs

One of the more difficult things for Nautilus Hyosung repairs is their teller assist terminal. Teller-assist terminals are ATMs for tellers. When you walk into a branch to deposit or withdraw money, your teller might use a teller assist terminal to help them quickly and accurately verify, count, accept, or dispense cash. Teller-assist terminals are very similar to cash recyclers, but they’re not quite as complicated as ATMs.

You can probably tell that there’s a theme here: Cash recyclers use complex, precise workflows. If one thing goes wrong, the whole system collapses. Cash recyclers are delicate ecosystems, and repairing them takes a lot of time, effort, and expertise.

Additional Resources

ATM repairs can be simple, or they can be downright soul-crushing. Most repairs tend to fall on the simpler side. Nevertheless, we’ve heard of more than a few ATM service technicians who prefer not to touch a troubled cash recycler.

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