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Identifying the Right Project Management Team

When faced with a large-scale project, many executives ponder whether the benefits of hiring a PM justify the expense. If you hire the right one, you'll find the answer is a resounding yes.

Why? Because a dedicated PM has the time, focus, and expertise you don't. Whether that means a moderate or full-tilt installation, asset disposition, branch relocation, or branch renovation, the PM should be there to help.

With so much at stake, you can't afford to make a mistake in hiring the wrong PM team. But what should you be looking for when searching for a PM? Armed with the points below, you'll find the right PM team to lead your project beyond completion and ensure a valuable outcome.


A great PM can see beyond the everyday needs, to achieve against broader ambitions and aspirational goals. Identify a PM who can ask the hard questions upfront to gain a better understanding of what's truly possible and then deliver on that vision.

Skilled project managers take the time to first find out and understand your organization's strategy behind the project and how it will help you achieve this vision. This topic should be among the first discussions you have with a potential PM.


An experienced PM should be able to provide reliable references from organizations they’ve served successfully and cite specific examples of their work.

Make sure there is one lead PM assigned for the duration of the project, and a dedicated backup. Consistency and trust are critical to achieving your project's success.


A PM should be able to facilitate a collaborative process across a wide range of groups. Review references or case studies to get a sense of their success in this area.


No matter how similar your project is to another, you'll want a PM with knowledge and expertise to customize a plan for your specific needs.


Sometimes challenging situations come up that are out of the PM's control. Ask the PM how they've handled these circumstances in the past. You want a PM who can deliver in the face of extreme challenges and extraordinary circumstances.


A PM's favorable reputation should extend beyond clients to contractors and other vendors. Character and integrity are vital to building the best partnerships.

With decades of experience spanning across a variety of industries and a focus on Banking/Financial Services technologies and IT, Tellerex knows project management. Our team of PM experts is ready to help businesses of all types across every project-need. Let us help you achieve your upcoming construction, renovation, facility projects, technology or equipment roll-outs


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